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Hair Skin & Nails

Supports inner and outer beauty

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Hair skin & nails Plus Drink is formulated to address hair loss, weak nails and problematic skin.

The formula is supported by selective balanced ingredients such as Biotin, Amino Acids, Collagen peptides, minerals and more.

  • Supports inner and outer Beauty
  • Perfect Formula
  • Delicious Flavour
  • Biotin
    • Supports cell proliferation
  • Collagen Peptides 1:3
    • Lycine, Proline, Alanine, and Hydroxyproline
  • Silica
    • Detox and nutrients vehicle to hair, skin and nails
  • Green Tea
    • Super Polyphenols
  • Choline
    • increases Hydroxyproline's concentration in the dermis
  • B complex
    • Supports hair's flexibility, shine, dandruff, growth and nourishment
  • CoQ10
    • Hair keratins proliferation
  • PABA & Copper
    • Support melanin metabolism

How To Use

Dose 15 ml daily to be taken directly or added to 20 ml water or juice.
Flavour: Orange

Hair Skin & Nails reflect the state of health your body is in. If you do not live a healthy lifestyle and perhaps drink alcohol, smoke, don’t exercise etc. Your hair skin & nails will reflect this with dry, thin and crispy hair, bitter nails, low collagen production and dehydrated skin.

To support a healthy living body nutrients is essential. If you do not have enough vitamin B1 the blood flow to the hair follicle can become low which results in low nutrients to the hair follicle and this can on it´s own create baldness, poor hair growth and matt hair.

For cells to duplicate in a healthy manner vitamins and minerals are essential. The body needs vitamins and minerals to have the ability to create new skin cells that replace the dead. Without for ex. Vitamin C the natural collagen production within the body will decrease and the results is saggy skin, wrinkles, less firm muscles and more.

The body is connected. There vitamins and minerals in this formula that are not directly connected to skin, hair or nails but it is important to have a healthy body to produce fine skin, hair and nails. One example is the liver, when the liver is not in optimal healthy shape it can show in the skin colour and white lines created in the nails.

By supporting the whole essentials within the body with high quality nutrients and in addition excess collagen the entire body will be supported to function in a healthy and optimal state. Once the body is given great nutrition to support healthy blood circulation, the nutrients required for natural collagen formation and optimal uptake, cell duplication, and a healthy organs the body will produce naturally healthy and glowing hair skin & nails. It is also important to protect from damaging the cells as damaging the cells will show in the aspect of beauty. Smoking, stress, alcohol, sleep deprivation and more are all contributors to free radicals within the body. Free radicals damage the cells that produce the beautiful hair skin & nails. To protect against cell damage antioxidants are the most powerful way of protection. This formula is loaded with antioxidants such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E.

Collagen is critical for the production of healthy hair and nails. MSM is a bonafide “beauty mineral” that provides the sulfur needed to produce collagen and keratin. It’s also highly noted to contribute to exceptional strength and thickness of the hair and nails, which can be noticed in just a couple weeks of consistent use.

Vitamin A

Protects against UV damage and slows signs of aging.

Encourages healthy skin and cell production. Vitamin A also stimulates fibroblasts—the cells responsible for developing tissue that keeps skin firm and healthy—in the deep layers of your skin. Because vitamin A and carotenoids play such a big role in cell and tissue growth, not getting enough can lead to weakened skin, causing problems ranging from dryness to wounds that heal more slowly.

Vitamin C Ascorbicacid

Supports uptake of ingested collagen

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects and repairs your skin.

Vitamin B1 blood flow to the hair follicle. Hair loss is a side effect of low blood flow to the hair follicle.

Vitamin B5 Pantothenic acid is important for our bodies to properly use carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids and for healthy skin.

Vitamin B9

It has also been noted that it could promote healthier-looking skin, act as an analgesic for pain, increase appetite if you are run-down, and may even delay hair greying when used in conjunction with pantothenic acid and PABA.

PABA supplements may help maintain the natural color of your hair as you age

Grape seed powder Antioxidant properties, protects healthy cells

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